e-Progress Review – understanding where we are

Over the autumn term, the Jisc RSC London team has been revisiting its e-Progress Review (EPR). Sometimes described as ‘an invitation to dialogue’, the EPR was devised by the Jisc RSC to help middle and senior managers have a better understanding of how technology is being deployed across the organisation and the impact it is having on the staff and students who use it.

First developed in 2008, the EPR is both a tool and a methodology. It is based on a five-stage model of organisational development and the European Framework for Quality Management. Guided by feedback from users, we have removed the jargon and ensured that EPR is sector-neutral so that any learning provider can benefit from it.

Learning providers who have been through an EPR have highlighted the benefits of this service. Darrell De-Souza, Vice-Principal at Uxbridge College, talked about how much it helped the College to understand where it was with technology as it went through the process of developing new strategies. Philip Elliott, Deputy Principal of B6 College and an Ofsted Additional Inspector, used an EPR back in 2008 to engage middle managers with the challenges and opportunities that technology could bring to the whole organisation.

Values and principles

Some of the principles that guide the service include:

  • Confidentiality
  • A belief that embedding technology is a shared responsibility of all senior and middle managers
  • Understanding that for technology to work, key enablers must be put in place and outputs must be anticipated and reviewed
  • Both leadership and bottom-up approaches are necessary
  • Effective communication is crucial.

How to access it

For more information about EPR and how to request the service contact an Adviser or visit our EPR page.