Jisc RSC Data Forum – Update

 The Jisc RSC Data Forum sees data as a strategic asset: your chance to get involved – and also use the template data strategy below

Jisc RSC London runs a data forum. The purpose of the data forum is to explore how to make better use of data in order to become more agile and adaptable organisations. We explore how to manage data strategically across the college to reduce costs, improve services, enhance and improve teaching and learning. The data forum is a platform for staff from Jisc supported (government fundeOverview of information structured) post 16 learning providers to come together to share ideas, experience and good practice.

Invitation to managers working in post 16 learning providers

To support the work of the Data Forum we have set up a Jiscmail list called www.jiscmail.ac.uk/DATA-FORUM This list will continue the collaboration and networking of the face to face meetings with online discussion.

The big idea is – Data is a strategic asset – so the Forum’s remit is:

  1. concerned with all data within the organisation and even external data/issues/sources
  2. open to all post 16 supported provider staff – not just MIS staff
  3. strategic rather than ‘hands on’
  4. seeking ways for providers to get better at managing data
  5. seeking out good practice in the management of data
  6. enabling a strategic approach to the management of data
  7. helping organisations become ‘agile’ by streamlining their business processes, using technology to maximise teaching resources and gaining a much richer picture of what is going on and what is likely to go on in their organisations through fuller exploitation of data
  8. exploring current hot topics within the field of data management – some current examples  include:-
  • big data – http://onforb.es/1a8yGI7
  • enterprise architecture – http://bit.ly/1mXhlGR
  • business intelligence – http://bit.ly/1ejc2z9
  • systems integration (enabling your systems to exchange data)
  • cloud sourcing (hosting systems offsite)
  • enterprise service bus (ability to link internal systems to external data sources dynamically)

If you would like to join the Jiscmail group please contact Martin Sepion m.sepion@rsc-london.ac.uk or Gordon Millner Gordon.millner@rsc-em.ac.uk

Data Strategy Template

At our last Data Forum meeting it was suggested we produce a College Data Strategy Template for use by post 16 learning providers. We would like to crowdsource this initiative and so would be very happy for your feedback/amendments. Here is a previous post on strategy writing to give you some ideas. https://jiscrsclondon.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/practical-tips-for-writing-a-strategy/ If you are a UK government funded post 16 education provider and would like to review how effectively your organisation currently uses technology or are thinking of writing a strategy and would like some external advice – contact your local Jisc Regional Support Centre http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/# where help is at hand.Data to information

Event report and presentations from the last Data Forum Meeting

On 20th March 2014 we held a data forum meeting here at University of London. The meeting was attended by 20 colleges. You can see a summary of the topics discussed and access the presentations via the following link http://moodle.rsc-london.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=146 If you have topics you would like covered in future Data Forum meetings please get back to me.

Here is a previous blog post on the Data Forum entitled Data: The Nervous System of the Organisation http://bit.ly/N6yMoW This post shows the data related topics of interest as identified by a poll of college managers.