Capturing e-Factor – the next best thing to having been there! (with thanks to Ron Mitchell)

Jisc RSC London's e-Factor 2014

Were you inspired by a particular e-Factor showcase that you attended and would like to view it again or share it with colleagues?

Did you miss a particular showcase that you really wanted to attend or heard from colleagues that it was really good?

As well as sharing all the presentations, related resources and commentary for each of the showcases on our event pages we have also uploaded the video recordings of the selected showcases we captured on video. It wasn’t possible to capture all the showcases but those we did capture are now available and together with the commentary and copies of presentations are the next best thing to having been there!e-Factor hands logo

Thanks to Ron Mitchell, our associate adviser, for his work in capturing and editing these clips.  Ron has also contributed some observations on the business of capturing useful resources from events such as e-Factor, where…

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