Learning Maths Independently – A new type of online course

Link to the Maths4Us Learning Maths Online resources
How can we reach adults who want to use online learning resources, but don’t have the digital skills and confidence to do so?

We explored this last year as part of the NIACE Maths4Us programme. One of the outcomes was a set of brilliant, highly interactive pre-level 2 maths resources appropriate for adults. We also started to think about how we might help adults to find relevant resources and how they could be supported with their online learning. I explored some ideas in a blog post.

People who are already working with adult learners may hold the key to improving access and confidence. They may be professionals, volunteers or friends who can help learners to take the first step towards independent learning by finding and collecting resources that are specific to an individual’s needs, and then ‘being around’ to provide support and encouragement.

We are now in a position where we can trial this approach by offering an online course aimed at tutors, trainers, volunteers or even family members who are supporting someone with their maths learning.

If you or someone you know might be interested in taking part please contact Sally Betts, maths@ideas4learning.co.uk, who is working with a group of specialists and experts to design and deliver this course. Details below.

Course Aims

To support the development of maths skills in people currently below level 2 by helping those working with them.


Participants will:

  • explore strategies and methods to develop independent learning skills
  • see and experience a range of online maths resources suitable for adults working below level 2
  • create a collection of online maths resources relevant for their own learners
  • use a resource/s with a learner(s) and produce a learner story

Target audience

This course is intended for anyone wants to know more about encouraging independent learning in others using online maths resources. You may be involved with formal (e.g. learning provider) or informal (e.g. at home, volunteer, social club) delivery of maths.


Course dates – 3 – 21 November 2014

Explore, Week 1 (commencing 3rd Nov)

We will explore the wealth of maths online resources and we will be discussing the challenges you are having and approaches you are using with learners. This week you will be identifying at least one learner to work with over the next three weeks.

Gather, Week 2 (commencing 10th Nov)

We will be looking at different ways you can gather maths resources into groups for different purposes. This week you will be making a collection and trialling the resource with a learner.

Sharing, Week 3 (commencing 17th Nov)

This week we will share experiences and tips from using the resource collections with learners. We will continue to explore ways to encourage independent learning using online resources and also look at how learners can create their own collections. This week you will write a learner story. This should be completed by November 24th and uploaded onto Moodle.

Course delivery

The course will be delivered online, using a combination of a Moodle VLE and Webinars delivered through Adobe Connect. Each week Moodle will provide information and ideas around the weekly topic which will include the use collaborate tools to enable sharing of ideas and experiences. You will receive a certificate of participation.


The Webinars will be recorded and made available via Moodle. The Webinars will take place each week on following days and times:

  • Thursday 6th November 12:15 – 13:00
  • Wednesday 12th November 12:15 – 13:00
  • Thursday 20th November 12:15 – 13:00

Time Commitment

You will need to set aside approximately 3 hours a week.

Pre course check list

To make the most and participate fully in this free course you need to be:

  • working with Maths learner/s below Level 2
  • able to demonstrate the resources to learner/s and for them to be able to access the resources for independent study
  • prepared to trial the resources with learner/s throughout the course
  • able to write a Learner story about the learner when trialling the resource
  • able to access Moodle and Adobe Connect


Places are limited, so book now by contacting maths@ideas4learning.co.uk

We look forward to welcoming participants. Please do share this post with others in your organisation who may be interested.