About Jisc RSC London

JISC RSC London is a JISC Advance Service

JISC Regional Support Centres work with more than 2,000 UK learning providers helping them to improve performance and efficiency through the use of technology.

We provide advice and support, share good practice and facilitate collaboration to help solve your everyday challenges and achieve your strategic objectives.

Technology is vital to your organisation’s success, helping you to:

  • enhance the learner experience for better learner outcomes;
  • widen your reach to increase learner numbers;
  • improve quality and inspection outcomes and secure future funding;
  • do more for less, leading to cost reduction and efficiency gains;
  • stay ahead of your competitors.

Whether your role is in management, learning or business support, don’t miss out on benefiting from our services. Find out more at www.jiscrsc.ac.uk.

About this blog

The JISC RSC London blog complements our website with more in-depth news and advisory, reflective and opinion pieces in text and video format, provided by JISC RSC London advisers and colleagues working in supported learning provider organisations.

New items are fed through to the RSC London website’s news page.  Readers can also follow the blog via email subscription or subscribe to the RSS feed to ‘pull’ newly published items into a personal aggregator (e.g. Google Reader) as they are posted.

The items in the blog considered most relevant to our supported learning providers are  selected for inclusion in our monthly email bulletin which is ‘pushed out’ to key contacts via our JISCmail list.

Comments on our posts are very welcome, although you may experience a delay in seeing them published as we moderate the site.


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