Blogging guidelines

Blogging guidelines for RSC London News

Here are few things to consider when writing entries for the blog. These guidelines are adapted from the Walker Blog Guidelines.

You are representing JISC RSC London and JISC Advance

* The RSC London News blog is a voice for RSC London as seen through the eyes of its staff.

* When presenting your personal opinions about RSC London, our learning providers and the wider e-learning community, please be aware that blogs are a highly-visible form of communication. Your thoughts are only a click away from being seen around the world.

* Please do not disparage organisations, or individuals. Being critical is acceptable, as long as it is done is a professional and constructive manner.

How to use RSC London News

* Use RSC London News to post articles/images related to your work.

* Use the blog to track and/or present areas of interest to the e-Learning community. Use the blog as a tool to point to related material on our website, Moodle or external sites.

* Use the blog to engage audiences in a different way by providing a behind the scenes view of our work.

* Use the blog to discuss activities, post reviews, promote upcoming events, and receive comments.

* Use the blog’s RSS feeds to monitor new posts. RSS feeds are also available for individual categories or tags.


* Do not post material that is unlawful, abusive, defamatory, invasive of another’s privacy, or obscene to a reasonable person.

* Get permission from colleagues before writing about them.

* Avoid announcements related to unconfirmed events.


* When quoting any other blog or publication, be sure to link to the original (if possible) and use quotation marks or blockquotes (for longer texts).

* When using a photograph found elsewhere on the web, credit it and link to where you got it from.

About Comments

* Offensive or questionable comments are automatically filtered by the software into a Moderation Queue. (Blog Administrators are responsible for checking these comments.)

* Despite system filters, sometimes spam or offensive comments can get through to your post. If a comment is obviously spam, delete it. Use your judgement or seek advice on non-spam comments with objectionable content.

* When responding to comments, remember that you are representing RSC London, so please be polite (even to the most unreasonable blog poster).

* An RSS Feed is available for all comments.


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