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RSCl8trs marks the end of RSC London at ULCC

Delegates at Jisc RSC London goodbye reception

Delegates at Jisc RSC London goodbye reception. Click for more images.

Today the Jisc RSC London held its last event to mark the end of our activities from the University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) our host institution for over a decade.

I was grateful to all those who could spare this last time to be there with us.

I thought it right to focus on celebrating our achievements so that the members of our team will end this journey feeling proud of the work they have done, whether they continue working with Jisc or chose to do something else.

I know that because of the work of the RSCs the sector is better placed to deliver on their ambition for technology. This has been backed up by customer responses to our work and by the very many independent verifications of our service over the years.

Over the last 14 years, we have played a pivotal role in helping the sector make sense of the multitude of government policies, strategies and initiatives related to technology.

We expedited the spread of solutions found from within the sector to help achieve balanced progress. At the RSC London, we have always been concerned with each and every single provider, from those with limited resources to the high flying ones. Our role has been to champion them all.

We found creative solutions for challenges and allowed ourselves to go above and beyond our remit to promote the use of technology in the sector. While providing vision through innovation, we also focused on helping you achieve your most immediate objectives.

You asked us to,

  • sit in on your ILT strategy groups
  • mediate meetings with suppliers to ensure you always got the best deal possible
  • visit you regularly to discuss your needs and plans
  • review your digital technology plans and deployment.

Most recently, we organised popup forums across London to show to organisations with limited resources how to use affordable solutions available to you.

  • we connected with your staff, through targeted webinars to reach the HE in FE community and offer ESOL practitioners a chance to join our online events.
  • we stimulated independent learning providers to embrace collaboration as a way of accelerating their digital capacity.
  • we provided over 300 events targeting over 8,000 staff at all levels and roles, particularly those with responsibility for quality, IT, staff development, library, e-learning services, curriculum, and their leaders.

The list goes on, but the last achievement I’d like to mention is the transformation I have seen in the staff across London working with technology, including their leaders.

While five or six years ago we had to search high and low for presenters at our events, in recent years I have seen how much more confident staff, both in teaching and supporting roles, feel to showcase how they are using technology.

An obvious thing to say is that the future of technology is going to be much bigger. I have no doubt in London a big part of it will be due to the seeds the RSC team have planted.

Please join me in thanking

  • our host institution for providing the necessary environment and conditions for us to deliver a great service year on year;
  • the members of our Advisory Group for the incredible support in verifying our plans and sticking with us in time of difficulties;
  • everyone else we have worked with in the region but who could not be hear today. I am grateful for their expressions of sympathy;
  • and finally the members of the Jisc RSC London team: Elisabetta, Shri, Max, Evan, Rosemary, Martin, Kav, Bernard and Julian who I can only describe as a vibrant team with the wellbeing of our sector at its heart.

Below are a few images and notes collected throughout the day.

Graciano de Santana Soares
Regional Manager, JISC RSC London

Views from delegates collected on the day

Cardboard and Reflections

goodbye tweet

Here is my goodbye Tweet to the RSC


How many RSC events have you been to?

2015 challenge

A significant challenge for the sector in 2015 will be …

educational technology

What educational technology will be all be talking about next year?

rsc member

Describe an RSC team member in one word

rsc event

You know when it is an RSC event when…


Over the years I have been able to share these things with the community:

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magic wand

If I had a magic wand I wish I were brilliant at…


Writing on the Wall


Final Jisc RSC London event – writing on the wall activity

Some highlights

  • Learning new skills and taking part in training that you then put into practice and see it having an impact.
  • Getting your advice and guidance
  • e-Factor – the event of the year! Put lots of it into practice.
  • Like minded networking. Every moment when IT and curriculum come together to do great things with learners
  • We shared, you shared= we had fantastic support and ideas thanks!
  • Learning and sharing. Good people who kept edutech visionary, relevant and fun
  • Bringing colleagues from across the sector to share ideas, best practice and new technologies all with the same aim of providing the best service for learners. Thank you RSC London and best wishes for the future.
  • Sharing good practice for example on e-learning strategies
  • Excellent support. A genuine loss and will be missed greatly 😦
  • A wonderful platform to share and present. What will we do without you?

What next?

  • Taking the digital divide out of the digital by default
  • Making the 10% happen
  • Blending and flipping
  • Rolling out content standard
  • %online delivery
  • Getting staff to improve e-learning and content
  • Getting learners to create
  • Google classroom?
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