New JISC Techdis website launched

The new Jisc Techdis website was launched earlier this month at a Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) event aptly named: Embracing technology for success.

Further updates will be incorporated as part of a programme of continuous improvement and to ensure that the site meets stringent accessibility criteria, evidenced by the new built-in accessibility tools.

The aim has been to radically improve the accessibility of advice and resources on the site. These are designed to support both strategy and practice across the education, training and skills sectors.

A key feature of the new website is an enhanced and user-focused search capability. To further improve the site’s usefulness there is a link on the new site to a handy summary of the most popular resources and publications .

Techdis are keen to receive feedback on the site, via the ‘Contact Us’ button on the home page.

What is new on the Excellence Gateway?

Excellence Gateway Logo

Ofsted’s latest examples of good practice

Ofsted’s Good Practice Team has published new examples of good practice by four learning providers. These examples can be found in the Ofsted Good Practice Database – available exclusively on the Excellence Gateway. Most examples give you access to the providers’ original files to help you start your quality improvement journey with  confidence. Read more:

College shares its award-winning practice for inclusive risk assessments

Richmond Upon Thames College has developed an award-winning project that provides guidance and advice on completing inclusive risk assessments for students with medical conditions or disabilities. The project has helped the college to better understand the needs of its learners ensuring all students are given every opportunity to participate in college life. The college has uploaded its guidance resource to the Excellence Gateway so it can be of benefit to other organisations.  Read more:

Excellence Gateway user needs survey

We need your feedback! Please help us to improve the Excellence Gateway to better meet your needs by completing our online survey. Click here to complete the survey:

Equality Act 2010: advice and information

The new Equality Act 2010 came into force in England, Wales and Scotland on 1st October 2010. There is  a lot of general guidance available to help education providers, including the Equality Act guidance downloads from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which  help explain the Act and provide practical examples on how the law has changed for employers, workers, service providers, service users and education providers.

JISC TechDis have produced an excellent and easy to read booklet promoting the wider benefits of inclusive practices for educational providers:  Improve your 3 Rs Recruitment • Retention • Results (PDF)

“As well as complying with the new legislation there are also real practical and economic benefits to adopting inclusive practices. JISC TechDis specialises in
highlighting the use of technology to remove barriers to learning and promoting inclusive practices. Our resources enable universities, colleges and other learning providers to minimise the barriers experienced by a range of learners and can bring significant benefits in terms of recruitment, retention and results.”

JISC TechDis have also just launched their new web resource supporting the Single Equality Duty. The web resource is part of  the  new JISC TechDis website and provides a wide range of useful information and links to resources that can enable your organisation ‘to take a proactive approach to shaping institutional processes and the promotion of equality‘ because ‘merely avoiding discrimination is no longer an option.’

Using Flickr to Organise a Collection of Images

JISC Digital Media logo

This newly updated advice document from JISC Digital Media looks at how the photo sharing site Flickr and some of its associated tools and services can help you to organise a collection of images. As well as exploring some of the more useful features, this document also highlights Flickr’s limitations and areas for particular consideration.

The guide can be accessed from:

JISC Content: A user friendly introduction to the JISC digital collections and archives

JISC Content website

JISC Collections has been working on a new website:,
which has been set up to provide a more user friendly way of navigating the content that JISC funding has helped made available to the HE and FE communities.

The site is not aiming to give item level access to each collection, i.e. it is not a federated search or discovery service. Rather it is a gateway that provides brief descriptions of each collection, and offers users different and, hopefully, engaging ways to browse through these descriptions, and learn more about what is on offer.

The content currently includes material licensed by JISC Collections and material digitised via the two phases of the Digitisation Programme, the Enriching Digital Resources strand, and the first phase of the JISC – NEH (National Endowment for Humanities) Transatlantic work.

The plan is to update the site over time, and in particular to make some changes in response to feedback gathered over the next month or so. If you have feedback, modifications etc. then please send them to

Visit the new JISC Content website:

New online tutorials from JISC Digital Media and Virtual Training Suite

JISC Digital Media in conjunction with the Virtual Training Suite (VTS) have launched two new online tutorials:
Internet for Audio Resource:

Internet for Video and Moving Images:

The free to use tutorials have been designed to assist staff and students within the education sector to locate audio and video for use in both teaching and learning. Continue reading